About the Downtown Reno Partnership

The Downtown Reno Partnership is a 501c6 nonprofit business improvement district whose core purpose is to make downtown Reno a safer, cleaner, friendlier district for residents and visitors. The Downtown Reno Partnership is a entity funded by downtown-area property assessments and contributions. Those funds pay for operations, street maintenance administered by Reno Public Works, extra downtown Reno Police officers, Streetplus-administered Ambassadors, marketing and economic development.

The Downtown Reno Partnership is a private-sector led and managed Neighborhood Improvement Project under NRS271.

Our mission

Our coverage area

The Downtown Reno Partnership covers 120 city blocks in a specific boundary of downtown Reno mapped below. The boundaries are based on previous district determined by the City of Reno. Click on the below map to use an interactive parcel map of the district.

Interactive BID parcel map

Services provided by the Downtown Reno Partnership


The marketing department and its committee of volunteers creates campaigns to draw visitors, but primarily locals, to downtown businesses and events. The department also acts as the primary public relations contact for the nonprofit. Foundry currently serves the Partnership in a supporting role for all its marketing and public relations needs.

Economic development

Our economic development department and its committee of volunteers finds ways to stimulate development of downtown real estate and encourage businesses to open, relocate or expand inside downtown. The department also helps connect stakeholders, investors, entrepreneurs and government in order to ease complex processes.

Service tiers

Service tiers are determined by the proximity to Virginia Street. Learn more. See the map for geographic area.

  • Standard Services are provided throughout the entire district and include safety, on-demand spot cleaning and marketing. Teams of safety ambassadors will be deployed district-wide and will focus on crime deterrence and engagement with street populations and visitors.
  • Premium services (yellow) add maintenance patrols within the core of downtown, concentrated on litter and graffiti removal, public furniture cleaning, power washing and other maintenance.
  • Premium-plus services (green) are concentrated along the Virginia Street corridor and include additional daily maintenance. Premium-plus properties also pay into a special beautification budget for annual projects.

Use the contact page to provide feedback on any of these services or request attention to a specific area of downtown.