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Welcome to downtown Reno

The Downtown Reno Partnership is a new business improvement district in Reno. We are working with businesses, property owners, residents, city and county government to make the core of the city cleaner, safer and friendlier.

We deployed 18 Downtown Reno Partnership ambassadors who are on the streets seven days a week. They interact with residents, visitors and homeless to change downtown for the better. Look for them next time you’re here and ask them how they can help you.

Meet the new ambassadors

Our ambassadors are dressed in blue and black, branded uniforms. You’ll see them around downtown on Segways, bicycles and on foot. They are here to greet you, help you find your way or assist with difficult situations.

Our ambassadors have a direct line to the Reno Police, City of Reno Public Works and Code Enforcement departments. They help direct city services to address safety, cleanliness and infrastructure issues.

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Our larger mission

In addition to the ambassadors, the Downtown Reno Partnership staff focuses on advocacy and leadership for the downtown area. The partnership’s direction comes from a board of directors and board of advisors. Together, we are making a dent in the quality of life in the district.

We do that by creating more reasons for people to visit the downtown area. Our team works together to improve the business environment and encourage new economic activity.

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Upcoming Events

Mindbender Mansion

February 3 - December 31


April 17 @ 7:00 pm - October 13 @ 8:30 pm

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