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Along the historic Lincoln Highway sits a handful of independent businesses that comprise the Brewery District of Reno, specifically breweries and distilleries. Nowadays the highway is now known as Reno’s East Fourth Street.

In this area, you’ll find several locally owned bars, restaurants, and even hotels, each passionate about exuding their own Reno flare into their craft. Local district favorites include the Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery, Lead Dog Brewery, Black Rabbit Mead Co., The Jesse Reno, and so much more.

East Fourth Street’s reputation as a brewery district dates back to 1903 when Reno Brewing Company opened on the corner of East Fourth and Spokane Street. The founders of Reno Brewing included Jacob Hook, John Maurer, and Peter Dohr. Hook had immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1886, while Maurer and Dohr were second-generation Germans who moved to Reno from Montana. Their passion for brewing was exhibited in their use of raw materials such as malt, corn, and hops brought into town by rail and their commitment to their craft.

By the time 1907 rolled around, Reno Brewing had found success as the largest brewery in the state. Even as Prohibition threatened to shut them down, they were able to skid by as they redirected their equipment to create soda water, near beer, tonics, seltzers, and fruit-flavored soft drinks. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, the demand for Reno Brewing Company’s beer grew exponentially, and soon enough, they were able to construct a bottling plant next door which still stands today.

Unfortunately, other national breweries began to dominate the beer industry, and smaller producers were squeezed out, and in 1957, Reno Brewing Company was forced to stop brewing and sell their assets.

  •  Other breweries opened back in 1903 included the Buffalo Brewing Company, Riter’s Elite Steam, Beer, and the Wieland Brewing Company.

  • Reno Brewing Company produced three varieties of beer: Sierra Beer, Malt Rose, and Royal Lager.

  • “Buy Better Beer” was one of the Reno Brewing Company’s more popular slogans in the 1930s.

  • In their early days, Reno Brewing Company found success as they marketed their beer as a healthy, even medically beneficial, beverage.

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