Neon Line District

Reno’s Neon Line District is a revitalized vision for West 4th that builds on its historical past while lighting up its bright future with the radiant glow of art, gaming, and musical offerings. 

The development of Reno’s Neon Line District began in July 2017, when the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project received a donation from the Jacobs Family Foundation for Children, which is also associated with Jacobs Entertainment. This community partnership began many changes to West Fourth Street through the Jacobs Foundation. 

Jacobs Entertainment secured properties along West Fourth Street stretching from the Sands Regency to the Gold Dust West. During this time, the company prepared phase one of the development plan to fulfill the needs of housing, retail, and entertainment venues. 

Over these past few years, Jacobs has remained committed to bringing a new arts and entertainment district downtown, reaching those who need higher quality affordable housing, and preserving historic landmarks in the downtown area. In 2017 Jacobs demolished the Carriage Inn Motel, a temporary shelter with a high turnover rate. Soon after, Jacobs Entertainment helped fund the purchase of an opioid abuse and addiction outpatient treatment center in downtown Reno. In November 2017, the Stardust Lodge was demolished to provide higher quality and safer living conditions. Jacobs partnered with Econo Lodge to give any previous senior residents of the Stardust Lounge a long-term affordable housing solution. 

As Jacobs continued their redevelopment efforts, they were conscious of Reno’s rich culture and unique history. They relocated two historic houses: the Borland-Clifford House and Nystrom Guest House and ensured to protect and preserve more than half a dozen neon signs from Reno’s history West Fourth Street corridor. 

In 2019, Jacobs completed their renovations on the Crest Inn and rebranded it as Renova Flats. This development was Jacob’s first market-rate housing effort. It embodied Jacob’s mission to provide higher quality living conditions, eliminate properties in poor condition, and set aside several affordable units for senior housing. Later in the year, Jacobs made a $5 million investment to convert Courtyard Inn Motel into Loft 601 apartments. 

In 2020, Jacobs Entertainment announced the Sands Connected, a brand-new gathering space between Gold Dust West and Sand’s Regency. However, this space was rebranded as the Glow Plaza Festival Ground soon after. 

  • The Glow Plaza Festival Grounds has many Burning Man sculptures, such as Broken People by Michael Benisty and the Polar Bear by Don Kennell and Lisa Adler. 

  • Jacobs Entertainment’s redevelopment project, when finished, will span twenty city blocks in downtown Reno. 

  • Since 2019, Jacobs Entertainment has acquired 50 separate properties.