Meet our ambassadors

The Downtown Reno Partnership hired 17 ambassadors (originally 14) and an operations manager through Streetplus, a company with 25 years experience cleaning up city districts.

Our ambassadors patrol the downtown Reno area in blue, black and white uniforms. Their polo shirts display our logo and the word “Ambassador” on them. Their job is to create a cleaner, safer, friendlier environment for visitors and residents.

Our ambassadors work with Reno Police and City of Reno staff to accomplish these four major tasks:

  • Cleaning: Ambassadors work with city staff to clean up graffiti, streets, weeds and snow.
  • Safety: Ambassadors patrol the district and communicate with police to help triage situations to reduce nuisance calls so police can focus on larger issues. Ambassadors offer personal escorts for people who feel uncomfortable walking from place to place.
  • Social outreach: Ambassadors help direct people to supportive services, while also engaging with those chronically sleeping on private property. StreetPlus also employs licensed social workers to build relationships with transient populations who need additional help.
  • Hospitality: The ambassadors can engage with visitors and tourists who need help finding activities, directions or information about downtown Reno. They will also add an additional layer of help during large downtown events.

The ambassadors are one branch of the Downtown Reno Partnership. To learn more about other parts of our mission to make a better downtown, go to the About Us section.

“Your work is not only improving the downtown experience, but also helping less fortunate get back on their feet…”

Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto, United States Congress

Ambassador statistics and accomplishments

The Downtown Reno Partnership ambassadors record their activities, encounters and reports into a central database. Streetplus produces a monthly report capturing their training, statistics and accomplishments. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the major statistics for the month and uploaded a full report at the end of each list.

Street Stories

Ambassador Quintero assisted with a young woman named Ameena at Circus Circus that was kidnapped, drugged and possibly raped. Ambassador Quintero made sure Ameena felt safe and helped her get in touch with her father to get back home. Ameena lives in Oklahoma and Ambassador Quintero was able to help Ameena’s father purchase a train ticket to get her home. Ameena stated she was two months pregnant and scared, however she did not want to file a police report. Ambassador Quintero was able to get her a bed at the event center for the night. The next morning, our day shift Ambassadors met Ameena and provided her with an escort to the Amtrak station where she boarded her train to be reunited with her family.

Social Outreach Ambassador Gersch, utilized the connections that she has built with Care Chest of Nevada to obtain 5 wheelchairs during the month of June. These were provided to five individuals who had an immediate need for new wheelchairs.


Ambassadors worked together to find a missing young woman and reunified her with her family. Social Service Outreach was able to assist with finding housing for an individual. Ambassadors continues to spray and disinfect the high touchpoints of Downtown Reno.

Key statistics

Graffiti tags removed
Syringes cleaned up
Shopping Carts recovered
Referrals to social services made