When Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered all non-essential businesses to close, the Reno Police Department officially deemed our Ambassadors essential in order to help them keep downtown safe, clean and managed.

For the last 10 days, our ambassadors have shifted gears entirely to educating and working with the unsheltered people in downtown Reno. The Volunteers of America, in partnership with the City of Reno, converted the Downtown Reno Event Center into an emergency shelter in order to create 6-foot distance between people and leverage the space for more beds and bathrooms.

Our ambassadors are working with the VOA to help manage the more than 400 people using the 118,000-square-foot venue floor.

The City of Reno dropped a palette of water off at the Reno Event Center to make sure the unsheltered population stays hydrated.

Since the shutdown, Operations Manager Grant Denton lead the team toward new ways to keep downtown clean and safe. The ambassadors started distributing bottled water provided by the City of Reno since public water fountains have been shut off to help stop the spread of infection through touching and backwash. We also ordered a case of Microban 24-hour Sanitizing Spray and have begun spraying down high-touch surfaces around downtown: furniture, door handles, railings, traffic signal buttons.

The ambassadors started educating people on the CDC’s self-protection directives. Local print and design company Reno Type, designed and printed 1,000 educational handouts for people who don’t have access to 24-hour news and who cannot simply stay home. The double-sided fliers include COVID-19 information on one side and a map of public restrooms deployed by th