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What’s Up Downtown: Parkway Athletic Club at Saint Mary’s

Want the chance to get in a free workout and get your enrollment fee waived until Dec. 31, 2023? Visit the newly opened Parkway Athletic Club at Saint Mary’s in downtown Reno for a free class or workout and if you join that day, your enrollment fee is waived.

“We want to be an inclusive club,” said Cheyne Lealand, Partner with Parkway Athletic Club who operates the gym at Saint Mary’s. “It’s not just for those who are young or old or athletes. We are for anybody who wants to come in and workout to have a healthy lifestyle.”

Downtown Reno Partnership Executive Director Neoma Jardon recently visited the newly opened Club to learn more about their offerings, what it means to be part of the Downtown Reno Community and how the Ambassadors have contributed to a safe and clean environment for their members and employees.

The Club offers classes, spinning, a pool, sauna, seven personal trainers, towel service and a Kids Club. In addition, they will be getting reformer Pilates machines and there is free parking in their parking garage adjacent to the fitness center.

“I feel like there is a resurgence in Downtown Reno and I feel like we are so lucky with Saint Mary’s to come in and be part of doing some great things in this area,” Lealand said.

Mark Reece, a DRP Board Member and the Director of Business Development, Marketing, and Communications at Saint Mary’s Health Network, said being a part of the BID and having the Ambassador team available to keep the area safe and clean is a great benefit to being in the Downtown area.

“The thing we are most grateful for is the Ambassadors’ presence,” Reece said. “Whether we are coming into work, at work or leaving, we see them, it’s tremendous. The help they give to each individual is super important to this area.” 

The three-story, 55,000-square-foot Parkway Athletic Club at Saint Mary’s is located at 645 North Arlington. To learn more about the club visit:

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