Downtown Reno will experience a new side of history starting March 26th during a multi-show offbeat walking tour experience, featuring magic, comedy and storytelling by renowned illusionists and show producers Kalin and Jinger. 

Weird Reno is a fresh, live, outdoor, and socially distanced experience with other people that will change with the seasons. Ultimately the tour is about building connections to the places and people in our lives by discovering the magic in our pasts. 

Producers of the new guided adventure have deemed it “Weird Reno” and created the experience for local families, businesses and visitors. Weird Reno is a walking-tour of offbeat history, good-natured fun, and interactive magic. Guests will follow the river for a 75-minute, COVID-compliant, community experience hosted by renowned illusionists and show producers Kalin and Jinger, punctuated by multiple stops, a mysterious woman and amazing revelations – both historical and magical. Guests can count on Weird Reno to create a new wonder for a city famous for its salty past and legendary characters.


If you go…

When: Weekly, Starting March 26, 2021
Time: Show Times Vary
Where: Guests start at the Renaissance Hotel and neighboring streets
Price: $25

Weird Reno was created by the same people who gave Reno its famous “Magic Underground” and “Illusionarium” productions, toured with “Carnival of Wonders,” produced “Before Your Very Eyes” in Atlantic City, and brought “The Illusionists: Turn of the Century” to Broadway. Kalin and Jinger have also worked as producers of magic for “America’s Got Talent,” Associate producers for “The Unbelievable’s, Sydney Opera House,” and many other noteworthy productions on a global scale. 

“Because the history of Reno is the history of a city constantly reinventing itself. And as the world around us changes in profoundly beautiful ways and dramatically unexpected ways, we too have to reinvent ourselves constantly. That’s especially true as the pandemic limits our ability to be out and among our friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors, said Mark Kalin, Producer.”

The event organizers are hopeful that this new experience will quickly become a “Reno Staple,” among other popular community events. 

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