Transitioning into the college lifestyle can be one of the most stressful experiences. You have to deal with moving into the dorms, meeting new people and your class schedule while trying not to walk into the wrong classroom. On top of that, many of you have been affected by the Argenta Hall explosion and are the first incoming freshmen to ever live in a downtown Reno residence hall. 

The Downtown Reno Partnership understands that it can be stressful going to college in a new city or different environment for people who grew up in Reno as well. To ease this process, we have created a student guide to get you the inside scoop on the best hangout spots and things to do in your downtown backyard. 

Every downtown destination is in walking distance from the new Wolf Pack Tower and there’s a lot of places to eat, get coffee and study that may not be immediately apparent if you’ve been taking the bus to campus each day.